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We get our lubricants from Salzbergen refinery. There are produced more than 700 items of lubricants for diverse applications, which corresponds to all international specifications. Thus we can offer constantly stable highest quality.

The most advenced lubricants and auto chemicals products are made by PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT

Thanks to the developed logistics system and builded dealer network, delivery from the first to the last hand takes a really short period of time. Each product made by our brand is developed with the active participation of our national service program, constantly expanded and improved to meet the requirements of automakers around the world. The leading oil producing plant manufactures outstanding innovative products for PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT. In addition, our brand has many years of experience gained through the best European employees in the lubricants and automotive industries, management and maintenance. According to the facts above, we can distinguish the trademark PROFESSIONAL HUNDERT as a reliable partner in the supply of lubricants and automotive chemical products.